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What We Do

Intercept & Influence Marketing provides digital marketing training and fractional chief marketing officer consulting for small business owners, franchisees, and marketing departments. We believe that training your internal team is critical to your business success.  We have developed our digital marketing framework, Intercept & Influence, over more than 20 years. It is a multi-channel system that has helped hundreds of companies generate more revenue.

Why We Exist


Your Digital Marketing Expert

We created Intercept & Influence™ as a stand-alone entity after its successful development and implementation at Angelsmith, Inc. We’ve created digital marketing training courses using the same frameworks that we’ve shared with hundreds of our wine, restaurant, franchise, and other clients. Many organizations have great teams and just need a little help to get them to the next level. Sometimes that help take the form of leadership and sometimes that can be a quick course on how to use a channel more effectively. Intercept & influence™ was designed to offer a flexible plug and play commitment-light relationship.

We have a deep understanding of how affluent audiences and high-value buyers make purchase decisions. We have perfected processes that you can implement with our step-by-step systems, delivering high value at a very reasonable cost.

Our goal is to help as many small business owners suceed as possible!

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