What We Do

Intercept & Influence provides CMO consulting services to help companies increase ecommerce revenue. We work with established brands and those just beginning to develop their ecommerce offer.

With more than 20 years of CMO level experience in a wide variety of organizations, we develop right-sized direct to consumer marketing programs to increase revenue and help build your internal capabilities. 

We start with an understanding of both your near and long term financial goals, evaluate your current offer and organizational resources, potential consumer choke points, as well as, identify your competitive advantages. 

Why We Exist

Your Flexible Ecommerce Expert

Intercept & influence Marketing™ delivers CMO-level strategic planning and consulting for brands that need a flexible plug and play commitment-light relationship. 

From a full strategic plan and a build out of your internal marketing team to occasional sounding board check-ins, we structure relationships that work for your needs. 

We specialize in how affluent audiences and high value buyers make ecommerce purchase decisions. We are highly skilled at integrating tactical elements that all support each other from web optimization, social advertising, paid search, sales email and SEO.  Helping you generate more revenue is our priority. 

We have deep experience in health, wellness, and fitness; franchise organizations; wine; packaged foods, and restaurants.

We created Intercept & Influence Marketing™ to focus on brands in transition that need CMO level consulting with proven experience at increasing revenue.