Next Level Sales

Taking your e-commerce sales to the next level begins with a thorough understanding of how your brand engages its buyers across the web. Our Intercept & Influence™ Ecommerce Performance Report dives deep into key contributors to your ecommerce success – including website, email, social media, public relations and digital advertising. We benchmark your results against your competitors to help you understand your baseline and set achievable sales goals.  Angelsmith’s structured process identifies gaps and opportunities for your brand to better Intercept & Influence your customers. 

Certified And Trusted

Intercept & Influence is a both a Certified Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner.  This means that we have earned their trust by undergoing rigorous testing. We can quickly pinpoint how consumers are utilizing your website and spot areas of improvement for better conversions.  Carin Oliver, the Intercept & Influence agency founder, has trained at the CXL Institute and earned a certification in Heuristic Website Analysis. 

What’s Included

The Ecommerce Audit digs deep into your marketing channel performance including social media, email, and advertising with an emphasis on your website’s effectiveness at influencing your buyer personas. Using a 7-step process, analysts evaluate your channels from the buyers’ perspective.  Our technology specialists run a series of diagnostics on your site. The evaluation reviews on and off site SEO, load speed, sales tracking, alignment with brand positioning across the web, relevance, top performing channels, trustworthiness, user interface, and  your brands overall ability to influence the buyer’s path to purchase. We develop a detailed Intercept & Influence™ Ecommerce Performance Report that includes a prioritized list of strategic recommendations, how you benchmark in your category, and an overall Ecommerce Influence Score.  The end result is a checklist of items , tailored to your buyers needs, your internal resources and your financial goals that will improve your ecommerce results.

Included In The Intercept & Influence™ Ecommerce Performance Report:

  • Dedicated senior ecommerce analyst
  • Ecommerce Influence Score
  • Benchmarking
  • Conversion path visualizations
  • Conversion tracking review
  • Path to purchase analysis
  • SEO audit – on & offsite
  • Cross-channel visual consistency
  • Technical website performance
  • Prioritized list of recommendations
  • Estimated budget for each recommendation
  • Referrals to specialists where necessary

Return On Investment

This will make all of your marketing investments work harder for you. Some results from clients:
  • Increased average order value by 5.8%
  • Increased add to cart by nearly 4%
  • Recaptured 8% of revenue from cart abandonment
  • Increased sales conversion rate from below industry average to more than 5%
  • Reduced cart abandons by 21% (this is HUGE!!!)
  • And more…

Big And Small Brands Benefit

The NOW Massage
The NOW Massage
The NOW Massage
The NOW Massage
The NOW Massage
The NOW Massage


4-6weeks, approx