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How To Rank Higher On Yelp This 2024

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Now, let’s discuss something we all want - gaining more organic visibility on Yelp in 2024. I’m sharing a few tips from our Intercept & Influence framework for generating more leads from the social review platform.

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Optimize Your Business Profile

Alright, first things first – let’s spruce up your Yelp profile. Think of your Yelp profile much like an abbreviated version of your website. Ensure all the details are spot-on – business hours, location, and contact info. 

Add some top-notch photos that showcase the heart and soul of your products or services. Oh, and those keywords? Use them. They’re like little breadcrumbs that tell the platform what your business is all about so it can lead more people to your business.

Encourage Positive Reviews
I know you have this covered! But here’s a little reminder: Encourage positive reviews by providing exceptional products and services. There are many ways to point customers to your Yelp page to leave a review. When those positive vibes roll in, show appreciation by responding promptly and building a community of happy customers. 

Each response you leave helps to build your visibility on Yelp. 

Manage Negative Reviews Effectively
Here’s the truth: consumers have bad days, and no business is perfect. 

It’s okay if there are some negative reviews along the way. Keep an eye on those reviews, and address them like a pro. Some data suggests that your Yelp page is more trustworthy if you have some reviews that are less than five stars. 

BONUS: You may also download our AI Prompts Guide to manage negative reviews effectively and authentically here.

Utilize Yelp’s Business Tools
Yelp has some excellent tools – like Yelp Analytics. Dive into that treasure trove to understand how users behave and see how your business page performs. When your page is healthy – with good and plentiful reviews- you can consider Yelp advertising to raise your profile even more. Intercept and Influence is a Yelp Advertising Partner and a great resource for your digital advertising needs. 

Promote Yelp Check-Ins And Offers
Many clients wonder if check-in offers work. And in our experience, they do. But not in the way you might expect. When offers are included, it increases leads, but consumers do not necessarily redeem those offers on the property. 

Engage With The Yelp Community
Respond to reviews, both the cheers and the constructive feedback. Show that you’re not just a business but a friendly face who values what customers say. It increases your visibility on Yelp and builds trust for those who have yet to decide which business to choose. 

You may also like to check out our Yelp training course, which has proven to help tons of businesses around our local area.

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